FOR Emerging Leaders within the Construction Industry LED BY a Leader from within the Construction Industry


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Managing vs. Leading

  • Understanding the difference
  • Recognizing where you are
  • Designing your future

Effective Communication

  • Communication vs. Effective Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Communication
  • Recognizing & overcoming those barriers

Critical Thinking

  • Understanding the importance
  • Ways to utilize
  • Developing the skill

Difficult Conversations

  • Preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Delivering difficult news/feedback
  • Responding to difficult feedback


  • Preparation
  • Compromise can be a win-win
  • When & how to stand firm

Team-Building Workshop

  • This segment is 3 hours
  • Internal & external team building
  • Building, repairing & maintaining teams

Testimonials from participants:

"Upbeat & Enthusiastic. She made sure the content was relatable and on point and encouraged participation."

"Relatable. She gave examples of how to apply solutions in our industry."

"She listened to our concerns/questions and also she gave ways to go about it."

"She explains information very well and is not judgemental."

"I like that she related back to a lot of real life experiences. Barb also elicited good conversations."